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Sonie Ames is the porcelain artist who created most of the art pieces photographed on this website. She created them with her extraordinary talent for painting realistically what she saw in nature, with her technique for arranging designs in very pleasing ways, and with her devotion to the whole process of painting the design onto the porcelain then firing it into the glaze. The painting and firing process was often repeated many, many times on one piece of china, but usually at least three times.

Known throughout the world as "The Rose Lady," Sonie was invited to other countries to teach and demonstrate her art form. Many porcelain artists from still other countries traveled to the
U.S.A. to receive instruction from her. She has taught hundreds of students in studios all over the U.S.A. as well as in her home studio, and has touched literally thousands more aspiring artists who have used her instructive material shown in this website. She is well recognized for her contributions to the fine art of porcelain painting.

Sonie Ames is all the more remarkable when you consider that she first picked up a brush to paint a flower on a piece of porcelain at fifty years of age! Her talent blossomed like the roses she so lovingly painted.

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