June 2, 2017



Exciting News!

My oldest granddaughter is graduating from college and then getting married! She finished college with almost a 4.0 GPA and she is a good girl!

So what would be a good grandma gift? I don’t want to buy her some ordinary pan or do-dad and I have already made her a quilt. She loves Sonie Ames prints so I thought and thought about what I could make her.

As I was strolling thoughtfully around Hobby Lobby, I saw these chip board letters and decided to cover them with Sonie’s prints! I am by no means a professional decoupager, so this is a little out of my comfort zone.

But it turned out so nice that I wanted to share it with you! I think I will find something else to go with the “LOVE” but this is a good grandma gift!

To encourage you to try this, we have put together a kit of sorts. If you buy all 4 prints at the regular price, they are $12.50 each. That would be $50 just for the paper! Whoa!

So from now until my granddaughter Brenna gets married on July 8th, I will send you all four of the same prints I used for only $15.00 total, including postage. (You will need to buy all other supplies on your own.)


Happy crafting!





Prints- one for each letter or as desired

Chip Décor word ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby)(there are 2 keyhole mounting holes on back)

Mod Podge


Small scissors



Little piece of fine sandpaper

Ceramcoat by Delta acrylic paint- light ivory (or other brand of your choice)


1- Gently sand off any bumps or loose paper, if any.

2- Decide where you want each letter to be on the print. With both word and print facing up, draw around each letter. (A safer way would be to trace the letters on acetate so you can see exactly where the edges will be.)

Plotting the “V”.

3- Paint top and sides of word with light ivory paint. When I made the “love” word, I completely painted the right side. I later did another word and I realized that I did not need to carefully paint the whole word- just the edges are important. Let dry.

4- Sometimes, I get little bumps in my paint so when paint is dry, you can gently sand them off (if you get bumps).

5- Put paper letter in place over chip letter and trim paper as necessary. You can trim again after gluing in place so it does not need to be perfect at this point.

6- Note that at point where letters are attached, the paper overlaps. You can decide which way to make it go.

7- Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on one chip letter. If you put on too much Mod Podge, then there is a good chance that the paper will wrinkle. Doing one letter at a time, put paper letter on top and adjust before it dries. Let it all dry.

8- If you wish, at this point, you can turn over the word and with small scissors, carefully trim where paper hangs over the chip letter.

9- Paint a thin coat of the Mod Podge all over the top. When this is dry, then paint the sides.

10- At this point, you may wish to put on another thin coat of Mod Podge.

11- Let thoroughly dry.

Note: I saved all scraps until I was done- because I thought there was a good chance I might goof and need a little bit. (Note top right corner of “V”. There is one more, but I bet you can’t find it!)

Prints Used:

L- #18- Flesh Colored Roses

O- #03- Yellow Roses

V- #44- Large White Roses with Double Violets

E- #35- Delicate Pink Roses

You can use these in any order that you would like.




(Only prints listed above can be ordered for this special offer. No substitutes will be made.)

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