And We’re Off!

December 12, 2014

We at Sonie Ames Designs are proud to launch our new website. It is our hope that this new site will be your launching off point to maybe begin painting or to improve your skills by watching the videos of the master painter. Maybe you just want to appreciate Sonie’s talent and purchase a print to frame and enjoy in your home or office. Others will use this site for ideas to make different projects of their own that incorporate Sonie’s beautiful creations. Whatever your reason, come and enjoy and begin creating today.

We hope that you will be inspired not only by her work, but by her great spirit which shines through in her paintings. It is remarkable that she first picked up a paintbrush at age 50 and one of her pieces was put in the Smithsonian before she died. Sonie showed us that you are never too old to develop a talent and do something you love.

The team at Sonie Ames Designs is headed by Evelyn Ames our CEO, Walt Ames Sonie’s grandson and our CR (Chief Roustabout) and Eric Hinton our CTO (Chief Technical Officer). Sonie Ames Designs was started exactly 50 years ago by Walt’s grandfather, and it came to us (the Third generation) through Walt’s father.

It is our hope that Sonie’s legacy will continue as we all appreciate the masterful talent and example that The Rose Lady showed to all of us.

Subscribe to our blog and come back often. Now that the website is up and working, our next project and blog post will hopefully be to share with you other designs and creations that Sonie made over her creative lifetime. (Hint: Did you know she designed her own Christmas ornaments?) Can’t wait to share them with all of you, our new friends.

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