January 17, 2018

Today, I am sharing! I hope this gives you ideas! I thought you might like to see the way other people have framed and used Sonie Ames pictures. These pictures were sent to me by Holly who lives in Kansas.

#44 Large White Roses with Double Violets

Top is #1 Pale Pink Roses on a Table
Bottom is #44 Large White Roses with Double Violets
Right side- #4 Yellow-Green and Red Grapes

The frames are silver. I like the matting and the way they are displayed together. Now check out where she hung them- in her stairwell! As you look down her stairs, you can see her artistic flare for decorating.

Very nice! Thank you Holly for sharing!

BTW- Holly is Sonie Ames’ great granddaughter.

In honor of Holly, if you order any 2 pictures, then I will send you a third one for free. Just write in the comments section of Pay Pal or send me an email to indicate which additional one you want.

Would you like your framed picture to be on our website? Just send me a picture!! We love to show how other people frame and use Sonie’s prints!

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